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The '54th'







Bangkok, Thailand

Finished 2023

Pumintr D.

At the core of our project, 'THE 54th,' is a captivating blend of urban and tropical design. We are deeply passionate about transforming plain three-story houses into truly special places, uniquely tailored to reflect the diverse lifestyles of our valued residents. A key part of our vision is the use of natural materials in various forms, giving each area its own unique character while showcasing our innovative design ideas.

On the ground floor, we've created a versatile space that easily adapts to the needs of our residents. Here, our guest room and workspace exist side by side, connected and separated by a clever folding door system. This flexible area can effortlessly shift into a lively party space, seamlessly connected to a private pool, offering endless opportunities for enjoyment and relaxation.

The highlight of 'THE 54th' is found on the second floor—a spacious double-volume living area that leaves a lasting impression on every visitor. This remarkable space features a striking element: a grand double-height wall adorned with large rustic natural stones, gracefully extending from the floor to the ceiling. This impressive display infuses the room with a captivating mix of urban and tropical aesthetics, subtly influencing the nearby spaces. The natural atmosphere flows gracefully into the dining area, anchored by a splendid long wooden table and a wooden ceiling above, seamlessly merging style and function.

As you ascend to the third floor, you'll discover the master bedroom a place where elegance meets simplicity. Adorned with dark veneered walls, it provides a serene backdrop and establishes a visual connection with the double-volume living area below. Lying in bed, residents can enjoy a seamless interplay of design elements that elevate the living experience beyond the ordinary.

In 'THE 54th,' we've crafted an enchanting symphony of design, effortlessly blending urban style with tropical charm. Every aspect of this project embodies our unwavering commitment to creating remarkable spaces that celebrate the individuality of our residents, offering a living experience that is truly exceptional.

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