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Bangkok, Thailand

Pumintr D. Poom S.

Finished 2022

we aim to rejuvenate the ambiance of a traditional Thai boat noodle restaurant, transforming it into the vibrant 'MAI MAI EATERY.' We've incorporated materials, colors, and custom patterns to embody this vision, ensuring an entirely new and captivating experience for our customers.

Our initial focus was creating an eye-catching architectural design that would entice passersby. By employing glass blocks and a glass facade, we've seamlessly blurred the boundary between the interior and exterior, allowing natural light to flood in while maintaining customer privacy. The addition of a striking pink panel at the storefront serves as an attention-grabbing element, drawing in all those who walk past the restaurant.

Inside the restaurant, we've divided the space into two sections, each separated by a wooden partition accented with a vertical pink line. These custom details add character to the design, harmonizing with the restaurant's color scheme. To infuse a sense of a traditional Thai restaurant atmosphere, we've incorporated antique rustic wood in the interior design elements, complemented by finely crafted wooden furniture.

To reinforce the new corporate identity of the restaurant and enhance the visual appeal for all patrons, we've introduced custom patterns that evoke the silhouette of Thai boats on the wall panels throughout the space. This delightful gimmick harmonizes with the restaurant's updated branding, leaving a lasting impression on our valued customers.

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