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Cafe Amazon Concept Store Vibhavadi 62







Bangkok, Thailand

Pumintr D.
Jiratchaya C.
Sirada U.
Isada K.
Poom S.
Tassanee M.

Finished 2023

We've crafted this project around the core concept of 'Tales of Amazon' to capture the essence of the brand's identity. This concept permeates every function, creating a unique ambiance within each area. Moreover, this concept store places a strong emphasis on inclusivity, catering to users of all ages, from children to the elderly, ensuring they can utilize and share all spaces.

The 'Concept Bar' is strategically located on the first floor, adjacent to the standard bar, offering a curated menu of specialty drinks crafted by the brand. Its custom curved design beckons customers, guiding them toward the seating area and fostering interaction between coffee enthusiasts and the barista. Notably, the overhead plant-covered ceiling envelops the functions below, evoking a forest-like atmosphere and reinforcing the store's conceptual theme.

The 'Family Area' seamlessly extends the forest-inspired concept from the first floor, manifested in the color palette and organic layout and seating arrangements. This area accommodates all users, including children, and features a flip board panel as a playful way to convey brand messages, transforming into letters or symbols with each flip.

The 'Work Space' stands out as a prominent area, embodying the concept of an Amazonian cave. Its walls and ceiling panels have been meticulously crafted to evoke the layers, forms, and colors reminiscent of natural cave walls. Each distinct section within this space has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate a variety of working styles, with distinct floor patterns and customized marble crack panels ensuring that each area enjoys its own sense of privacy and functionality.

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